Top 10 Hottest Chinese Pornstars

Top 10 Hottest Chinese Porn Stars List 2024

The adult entertainment industry has steadily grown in popularity over the years, overcoming cultural borders and accepting performers from all over the world. In recent years, China has emerged as a talent hotspot, with an increasing number of Chinese female adult stars making their imprint on the business. Today, we will dig into the world of splendor and present you to the Top 10 hottest Chinese pornstars who have captured audiences around the world with their unrivaled ability, beauty, and charisma.

Chinese Porn Stars Lulu Chu

Top Chinese Porn Stars @1 Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu is one of the most attractive Chinese pornstars working today. She has a highly bright career, and with over 350 scenes in a few years, she won't be ending anytime soon! Her small figure allows her to play the role of the stepdaughter to perfection. She enjoys seducing older men so that they can do her bidding, which is to get fucked in all of her small holes. She does not shy away from any type of scene, and you will frequently see her in lesbian scenes as well as orgies and threesomes. Not only that, but she's a relative rookie, having joined in 2019 at the age of 18.

Name:- Lulu Chu
Born:- January 14, 2001 in Wuhan China
Height:- 145 cm
Weight:- 41 kg
Films:- >350
Active since:- 2019
Lulu Chu

Top Chinese Porn Star @2 Jade Kush

Jade Kush, a prominent Chinese pornstar, has appeared in over 200 pornographic films. This exquisite brunette has stunning natural boobs and a small body to match. She's not only stunning, but she's also willing and capable of doing anything! Jade enjoys anal, fellatio, and other activities and is willing to try everything. As previously said, Jade is fully Chinese, which accounts for her petite frame, dark hair, and stunning eyes.

Name:- Jade Kush
Born:- September 27th, 1998 in China
Height:- 152 cm
Weight:- 48 kg
Films:- >200
Active since:- 32DD-24-34
Jade Kush

Top Chinese Porn Star @3 Alina Li

Alina Li is a stunning young Chinese pornstar with over ten years of experience and over 200 films to her credit. Alina has a lovely small physique with perky boobs and a lovely "innie". She is absolutely lovely, and watching her being pounded in any position is a pleasure for everybody. Alina is also not afraid to engage in more extreme techniques, and she is an outstanding head-turner. If you like the hottest Asian pornstars with athletic physiques, you'll love Alina.

Name:- Alina Li
Born:- September 8th, 1994 in China
Height:- 170 cm
Weight:- 50 kg
Films:- 200
Active since:- 2013
Alina Li Chinese Pornstar

Top Chinese Porn Star @4 Honey Gold

Honey Gold is one of the most stunning Chinese porn performers of all time. Honey is unparalleled in terms of beauty, talent, and the ability to delight any companion. She is also one of the top black pornstars. This mixed race babe has starred in over 250 high-quality pornographic videos and has no plans to quit anytime soon! Just look at this busty brunette, and you'll see why she's so popular.

Name:- Honey Gold
Born:- July 9th, 1993 in California
Height:- 163 cm
Weight:- 50 kg
Films:- >250
Active since:- 2017
Honey Gold Chinese Pornstar

Top Chinese Porn Star @5 Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall may be one of the most interesting and popular Asian girls on the internet. She is not a Chinese pornstar, but she is of mixed mixed Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese descent, which gives her a distinct appearance. Cindy Starfall has a large, bouncing ass, which is unusual for tiny Asian beauties. She has a tight, slim, athletic build, and she enjoys putting dicks in her mouth. She can play a naughty schoolgirl, be banged, or pretend to be a controlling teacher.

Name:- Cindy Starfall
Born:- November 28, 1989 in Vietnam
Height:- 155 cm
Weight:- 43 kg
Films:- >400
Active since:- 2012
Cindy Starfall Pornstar

Top Chinese Porn Star @6 Jada Kai

Jada Kai is a stunning woman of multi-ethnic descent. She has only done about 60 pornographic films, but she makes up for it with excellence. Jada, one of the finest Chinese pornstars we know, has the kind of figure that drives guys crazy. She is not just unbelievably hot, but also strikingly attractive and really competent at her job. Jada drives her partners insane with her ability to pleasure them, and whether it's in her mouth, pussy, or ass, she's no stranger to a big dick.

Name:- Jada Kai
Born:- June 6, 1991 in America
Height:- 152 cm
Weight:- 45 kg
Films:- >60
Active since:- 2017
Jada Kai pornstar

Top Chinese Porn Star @ 7 Jade Kimiko

Jade Kimiko is a young, up-and-coming Chinese pornstar who made her debut on the porn scene in 2022, aged 22. This stunning woman has one of the most incredibly lovely bodies we've ever seen, with a slender build, perky boobs, and a bouncing ass. Jade excellently captures the "teen" body type, and she excels at playing the "shy Asian nerd" stereotype. Because she only recently made her debut, she doesn't have a large number of pornographic films, but the ones she does have are fantastic.

Name:- Jade Kimiko
Born:- February 26, 2000 in America
Height:- 157 cm
Weight:- 43 kg
Films:- >20
Active since:- 2022
Jade Kimiko Pornstar

Top Chinese Porn Star @8 Kendra Spade

Kendra Spade is a gorgeous actress with mixed heritage. This stunning brunette has a remarkable archive of pornographic videos, having produced around 500 high-quality movies since 2017. That's a lot of movies in just a few years! This mixed Chinese pornstar is really talented and isn't afraid to utilize her body in ways you can't fathom. She'll do whatever it takes to make herself or her partners climax! Kendra is not afraid to try anything, whether it's cunnilingus like a pro or taking numerous dicks in multiple holes.

Name:- Kendra Spade
Born:- May 11, 1998 in America
Height:- 162 cm
Weight:- 59 kg
Films:- >450
Active since:- 2017
Kendra Spade

Top Chinese Porn Star @9 May Thai

May Thai is a stunning mixed-race actress with perfectly tanned skin and a pierced pussy that drives her partners insane. This (among others) Chinese porn star has it all: looks, talent, and the capacity to make everyone happy with her stunning figure. May is little and very cute, and she may meet the desires of those who enjoy browsing the "teen" section of any pornographic website. She's mastered the adorable Asian babe look, and we adore it. With her petite physique, perky tits, and stunning little ass, she appears to be a perfect candidate for any Kama Sutra pose.

Name:- May Thai
Born:- December 24, 1997 in Italy
Height:- 162 cm
Weight:- 47 kg
Films:- >200
Active since:- 2016
May Thai

Top Chinese Porn Star @10 Asia Rivera

Fans of attractive Asians rejoice: you may have never heard of Asia Rivera, a Chinese pornstars who began her career in 2021 and has only a few large budget projects to her name. What she lacks in filmography, she more than compensates for with brilliance and attractiveness. She looks incredibly lovely, with a natural, slender body and perky boobs. Her ass is very round and bouncy, and she understands how to make the most of her attributes.

Name:- Asia Rivera
Born:- January 1st, 2002 in the United States
Height:- 163 cm
Weight:- 54 kg
Films:- ≈15
Active since:- 2021
Asia Rivera

The top 10 hottest Chinese pornstars symbolise a development in the adult entertainment industry, as these ladies have defied preconceptions, pushed boundaries, and achieved incredible success. Through their remarkable talent, dedication, and unshakable commitment, they have established themselves as industry trailblazers. Their presence continues to spark conversations, excite fans, and pave the way for future generations of Chinese performers in the adult entertainment industry.

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