Top 10 Russian Pornstars

Top 10 Hottest Russian Porn Stars List 2024

The adult entertainment industry has steadily grown in popularity over the years, overcoming cultural borders and accepting performers from all over the world. In recent years, Russian has emerged as a talent hotspot, with an increasing number of Russian female adult stars making their imprint on the business. Today, we will dig into the world of splendor and present you with the Top 10 hottest Russian pornstars who have captured audiences around the world with their unrivaled ability, beauty, and charisma.

Russian Porn Star Stefany Kyler

Top Russian Porn Stars @1 Stefany Kyler

Stefany Kyler is one of the most attractive Russian pornstars. She was born on September 7, 2001, in Russia and has built a name for herself. She aspired to be a professional model and actress since she was very young. Stefany began her work in the AV sector in 2020 (at the age of 19) while under lockdown. She created a series of videos displaying her body, which helped her earn tremendous popularity. Currently, she has appeared in approximately 70 videos. She undoubtedly has one of the highest potentials and brightest futures in the AV industry.

Name:- Stephany Kyler
Born:- 7th of September 2001
Height:- 157 cm
Weight:- 52 kg
Films:- >70
Active since:- 2020
Stefany Kyler Russian Porn Star
Russian Porn Star Lottie Magne

Top Russian Porn Stars @2 Lottie Magne

Lottie Magne, the spanking new refreshment from Russian Pornstars, is so seductive, and dangerously beautiful. This red-haired cutie has a gorgeous face that gives the idea that we are gazing at an innocent girl, but the reality is completely different. She has a really gorgeous and small figure with no tattoos or piercings. Her tits are tiny (34A). And her ass is little, but she takes a key role in her sexual deeds. She was born on September 30, 2001 in Moscow. She has appeared in about 73 videos. Lottie is a true gem among extreme performers. She prefers rough fucking without any compromise. Lottie is a true gem among extreme performers. She prefers rough fucking without any compromise. One of her early scenes was filmed for Giorgio's Lab studio. It's an anal scene in which Yuriy Sergeev fucked her ass extremely hard.

Name:- Lottie Magne
Born:- September 30, 2001
Height:- 160 cm
Weight:- 42 kg
Films:- >73
Active since:- 2020
Lottie Magne russian pornstar
Mia Split Russia Pornstar

Top Russian Porn Stars @3 Mia Split

Mia Split is a girl who has undoubtedly shaken up the European and Russian pornstars. She was born on September 20, 2000, in Moscow, Russian Federation. Her most distinguishing features are her cute face and broad smile.

Mia is of medium height, and her body measurements suggest perfection. She has a great pair of natural tits in size 34B, and her firm and delectable ass has already earned the affection of the entire globe. Mia claims that she was not very interested in sex before pornography.

Mia began her pornography profession in April 2019, when she was only 18 years old. She has been with the well-known Jul Models agency since its inception. Although she claimed to have little sexual experience, it turned out that she has a natural talent for this type of entertainment. Mia has filmed at least 30 sequences. She appeared in solo, lesbian, and hardcore acts. Her adaptability is evident in all of her scenes, whether she is alone or with someone else.

Name:- Mia Split
Born:- 20th of September 2000
Height:- 170 cm
Weight:- 57 kg
Films:- >30
Active since:- 2019
Mia Split Russian Porn star
Sofi Smile

Top Russian Porn Star @4 Sofi Smile

Sofi Smile is one of those young Russian porn stars that are so gorgeous and cute that you can't believe they're sucking dicks. It is all in her name. Her grin is lovely. She has a pretty, nubile face, gorgeous blue eyes, and wavy hair. She's also skinny and petite, with a perky little breast, a small waist, and long, thin legs. And she has a lovely round ass that is wonderful. She looks beautiful in every position because she is so slender and tall, but she looks her best when she rides or is fucked up standing up.

Name:- Sofi Smile
Born:- 8th of October 2000
Height:- 160 cm
Weight:- 48 kg
Active since:- 2019


Sofi Smile Russian Porn Industry
Lena Reif

Top Russian Porn Star @5 Lena Reif

Lena Reif was born April 15, 2000. She is young and attractive. She has long brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Her figure is athletic-shaped and somewhat curved. She has petite tits (32B). Her followers believe she has the perfect juicy ass. She has tattoos on both sides of her forearms, and her navel has been pierced.

When Lena turned 18, she didn't waste any time and started her pornography profession. That was in mid-2018. She's hooked on sex. So far, this gorgeous teen has appeared in 16 scenes. Passion and lust are prevalent in all of her scenes. She truly understands how to please a man with her beastie fucking. Her steps into the porn industry are confident, and she is one of the top Russian porn stars.

Name:- Lena Reif
Born:- 15th of April 2000
Height:- 168 cm
Weight:- 55 kg
Films:- >16
Active since:- 2018
Top Russian Pornstar Lena Reif
Freya Mayer

Top Russian Porn Star @6 Freya Mayer

Freya Mayer is a Russian adult actress who was born and raised in Russia. Throughout her education, the 21-year-old actress hoped to become a professional model or actress. Freya's family fully supports her in anything she chooses to pursue. Freya entered the AV sector in 2020, during the lockdown. She had been looking for a method to make money and located the perfect opportunity by making webcam videos and sharing obscene content on social media. Freya was instantly identified and began to secure contracts with many film studios. She has appeared in around 73 pornographic films.

Name:- Freya Mayer
Born:- 28th of July 2000
Height:- 165 cm
Weight:- 53 kg
Films:- >84
Active since:- 2020
Freya Mayer Russian Hottest Pornstar
Arya Stark

Top Chinese Porn Star @ 7 Arya Stark

Arya Stark earned her stage name due to her similarities with Massie Williams, This girl is from far Russia, and in a sense I find her sexier than the original Arya. who joined the industry in 2019 just after the popular TV programme concluded. She is a glamorous young chick with natural beauty, perky titties, a lovely pussy, and a wonderful tushy. She has blue eyes and a gorgeous smile, and she can be your nubile Russian crush, and I'm sure the films that this Russian porn star has done so far will let you live out some of your dreams.

Name:- Arya Stark
Born:- January 1, 2000
Height:- 160 cm
Weight:- 50 kg
Active since:- 2019
Arya Stark Russian Adult Industry
Kelly Collins

Top Russian Pornstars @8 Kelly Collins

Kelly Collins, a blonde, was born on August 15, 1999 in Moscow. Like many Russians, she yearned for the light that beamed over Europe and the United States. Kelly decided to establish a name for herself in the entertainment sector on May 3, 2022. Kelly was alone in the sequence, which was filmed for the studio Utrafilms. By February 2022, Kelly had an amazing record of almost 40 films, demonstrating her variety and flexibility as an actress. She has worked with prestigious companies such as Vixen, Blacked, Pulse Distribution, and others, solidifying her position as one of the most sought-after actresses in the Russian Porn industry. Her future in the entertainment world appears nothing short of spectacular.

Name:- Kelly Collins
Born:- 15th of August 1999
Height:- 165 cm
Weight:- 50 kg
Films:- >40
Active since:- 2022
Top Russian Adult Star Kelly Collins
Elena Vedem

Top Russian Porn Star @9 Elena Vedem

Elena Vedem is one of those lovely beauties who were gracious enough to enter the porn industry because they are so beautiful they could be models. Her face exudes mischievous sensuality. Her eyes are the hue of blue that evokes a wild sexuality. Elena is the epitome of a glamorous Russian porn star, and she entered the profession in 2019. She is a unique type of porn star. She made her debut on the top shelf of pornography. Her earliest movies may be found on Vixen and Tushy, two of the best glamcore websites on the internet. When you see that massive dick jammed in her ass while she rides wonderfully on a hotel room bed, you will fall in love with her performance.

Name:- Elena Vedem
Born:- 2nd of February 1998
Height:- 167 cm
Weight:- 50 kg
Active since:- 2019
Russian Pornstar Elena Vedem
Crystal Greenvelle

Top Russian Pornstars @10 Crystal Greenvelle

Crystal Greenvelle, better known as Nastia, was born in Russia on May 24, 1997. Crystal Greenvelle, on the other hand, is a Russian beauty who rose to prominence on the pornography scene a few years ago. This brunette is worth keeping an eye on. Mostly because you can't take your eyes off Crystal once you see her. Crystal should have been a model. Instead, we jerk get to see her play with her amazing pussy. Play with other women and have cum sprayed all over her face by some of the biggest dicks in the porn industry.

Name:- Crystal Greenvelle
Born:- 24th of May 1997
Height:- 160 cm
Weight:- 49 kg
Active since:- 2015
Crystal Greenvelle Russian Pornstar

The top 10 hottest Russian pornstars symbolize a development in the adult entertainment industry, as these ladies have defied preconceptions, pushed boundaries, and achieved incredible success. They have established themselves as industry trailblazers through their remarkable talent, dedication, and unshakable commitment. Their presence continues to spark conversations, excite fans, and pave the way for future generations of Russian performers in the adult entertainment industry.

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